VA - Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance Vol.9

Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance

Tracklist :
1.4 Strings & Susanne Teutenberg - I Feel You (Nord Horizon Extended Mix)
2.Acues - Don't Look Behind (Vocal Mix)
3.Alena - Turn It Around (Billy Gillies Extended Remix)
4.Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Cheryl Barnes - Against The Wind (Extended Mix)
5.Andrew Rayel & Robbie Seed Feat. That Girl - Stars Collide (Vinny DeGeorge Remix)
6.Andy Jornee - Writing On The Wall (Extended Vocal Mix)
7.Arctic Moon feat. Jessica Lawrence - Like The Sun (Extended Mix)
8.Bt Feat. Emma Hewitt - No Warning Lights (Sean Tyas Extended Remix)
9.Christina Novelli - I'm Ok (Allen Watts Extended Remix)
10.Christopher Corrigan - Back To Me (Extended Mix)
11.Ciaran McAuley & Susana - Daring To Love (Extended Mix)
12.Craig Connelly Feat. Karina Ramage - Life Half Lived (Extended Club Mix)
13.Daneel Dokhov Feat. Dariavush - Wave in Fire (Jackob Roenald Remix)
14.Dark Matters feat. Neev Kennedy - Loneliness Won't Leave Me Alone (Sebastian Brandt Extended Mix)
15.DJ Fait - Tell Me Anything (Satellite Robots Remix)
16.Eloquentia & Jo Cartwright - How Deep Is Your Touch (Extended Mix)
17.Flynn & Denton with Audrey Gallagher - Say My Name (Paul Denton Remix)
18.Gxd Feat. Elle Vee - Voices (Photographer Extended Remix)
19.Hit The Bass & Oraw, Kate Miles - Let Me Be (Extended Mix)
20.Ian Source - Feel The Same (Sunset Extended Remix)
21.Ikerya Project & Robin Vane - Kingdom (Original Mix)
22.Ikerya Project & Robin Vane - Kingdom (Sunyella & Anton Van Sprundel Remix)
23.Jameson Tullar & Annabelle Hayes - Dreaming (7Roses Remix)
24.Jase Thirlwall Feat. Victoriya - Drowning (Extended Mix)
25.Jody 6 - I'll Be Your Chemical (Extended Mix)
26.Jpl and Jason van Wyk & Cat Martin - Unsteady (Pierre Pienaar Extended Remix)
27.Kaimo K & Ana Criado - When To Stop Looking (Extended Mix)
28.Liz Cirelli & Ples Jones Vs. Manuel Rocca - Rise (Original Mix)
29.Lost Witness & Laura-Ly - Carry Me Home (Extended Mix)
30.Ltn with Christina Novelli - Id Go Back (Dave Neven Extended Remix)
31.Michael Milov - I Tried (Original Mix)
32.Mike van Fabio - My Light (Extended Mix)
33.NewLands Feat. Kjetil Landsgard - Spore Rain (Original Mix)
34.Paul Denton & Deirdre McLaughlin - Let You Go (Original Mix)
35.Paul Icz & Miss Cortex Feat. Luscjo - Autumn Leaves (Original Mix)
36.Raz Nitzan feat. Maria Nayler - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Darren Porter Extended Mix)
37.Robert Curtis - Hold You (Original Mix)
38.Robert Maya & Kate Miles - Stay (Extended Mix)
39.Ronski Speed pres. Sun Decade ft Emma Hewitt - Lasting Light (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
40.Ruben de Ronde Feat. Eke - Wanderlust (Eugenio Tokarev Extended Remix)
41.Ruslan Device Feat. Katsu - You Are My Paradise (Original Mix)
42.Sincere & Emoiryah - Grace (Extended Mix)
43.Sunset & Alpha Force Feat. Robin Vane - With You (Eugenio Tokarev Extended Remix)
44.Tensteps Feat. Linney - One With Me (Vassmo Remix)
45.Tom Exo & Claire Willis - The Light (Extended Mix)
46.Trance Arts, Kirsty Hawkshaw & Jan Johnston - Smoke (F.G. Noise Extended Mix)
47.Trance Classics & Denise Rivera - Back To Zero (Skyborne Extended Mix)
48.Ultimate & Moonsouls feat. Natalie Gioia - Frozen (Original Mix)
49.Van Cosmic - Dreams Come True (DJ T.H. Remix)
50.Woody van Eyden & Cheryl Barnes - Electricity (Extended Mix)
51.Zhiroc Feat. Tashabu - Nothing To Love Anymore (Hiddeminside Remix)
52.Zhiroc Feat. Tashabu - Nothing To Love Anymore (Original Mix)

Release info : VA.-.Vocal.Trance.Uplifting.Trance.Vol.9.2010-2020.MP3.320.Kbps

Year : (2010)

Langue : English Release English

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